continental philosophy and cultural capital

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Analytic philosopher Eric Schliesser with THIS story from an art museum bookstore. It’s about as balanced and well-written an account from the other side as you’ll find.

However, I don’t think that the museum gift shop patrons were merely acquiring cultural capital with those books. A lot of them really are good books. (And I say this as one of the few continental philosophers to have enjoyed the Sokal Hoax.) Mainstream analytic philosophers need to ask themselves tougher questions about why their books mostly aren’t being sold in art galleries. Nor is it cause for pride.

My view, as expressed on this page in the past, is that the analytic/continental divide is not “merely sociological” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). It is irreparable and unbridgeable. It will not be repaired, and one side will not divide the other, but both will eventually be replaced by something different. The root of…

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