A Letter to America

Nothing's Sacred

4 July 2015

Dear America (circa 1786),

Today is your 239th birthday and in all honesty, you don’t look a day over 10. Things here in 2015 for the most part look very similar to the nice bright-eyed childhood you remember. There are still some folks who are all up in arms over taxes being used for a war they don’t support; and there are still some folk’s bent out of shape over not having a voice/vote in Washington (we no longer meet in Phillie).   Just as it was in 1776, the United States still pays lower effective tax rates than most industrialized nations and just like 1776, people still think it’s too high. Oh, and guess what….we still have a problem with the 99% versus the 1%- go figure?

We still waffle around the idea of immigration and each new wave of immigrants are alienated and used as…

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Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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