The Reason of Architecture 

the irreconcilable divide between analytic and continental philosophies, at least from an Object Oriented perspective, is that the the latter has come upon the view where no separation of agencies exist. So what we are really up to is then how to contruct a world and what that means.  

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The issue of route. 1) The entirety of reality is constituted in the condition of knowledge involving the subject and the object. The subject is usually understood as the human being, and the object all other things of the universe. 2) The common way of describing this situation is that there is a knowing human […]

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O.O.O. Oh…oh…ohh. 

The question is no longer that of Being, for Heidegger has destroyed being, like a forensic analysis of material. Being was viable so long as there was a dialectic whereby reality could be based upon its one vision through the oscillating features held from one another, like a binary star. Hiedegger destroyed the dialectic (for […]

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A Short History of Yoga

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The “Gymnastic Yoga” adopted by the West emerged at the end of the 19th century, but Yoga is really a spiritual quest and earliest known writings about it goes way back to 3000 BC in a collection of ancient texts known as the Vedas. The early Vedas were a collection…

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