Anthropocene Apocalypse – the demise of the Lemur.

One of the first of our kind. Is dying out.

Opher's World

_julie larsen maher 7891 coquerels sifaka and baby 3 15 10.JPGlemurlemur_2647603blemurblack-and-white-ruffed-lemur

These gorgeous creatures are only found in the jungles of Madagascar. They will soon all be dead.

The burgeoning population of Madagascar is short of food. They are hunting the docile lemurs for meat. They are burning great swathes of jungle to clear it for farming land. 90% of the forest has already been cleared. The remaining 10% will all be gone in the next twenty years. Along with the lemurs and the rest of the rich indigenous animal population.

Unless something is done about it the whole world will be denuded of wilderness and jungle and all our wild-life eradicated.

Is that the sort of world we want to live in?

Do we really think we can survive when we’ve decimated the ecosystem that supports us?

Are we going to cut off the oxygen?

Without nature we are pathetic.

Someone has to do something about this insane population explosion…

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