Note to the supposed spiritually righteous. 

The ideal of compassion lay at the heart of genuine spiritual ideas and their supporting ideals. 

I have found recently that some people who flout spiritual notions do not always realize the meaning of the sayings and texts they talk about.

Out of such ideal, i will not mention the specific blogger who hides behind pretty pictures and noble sounding text.

Here is my note to him that comes after a day of discussion whence he could no longer sustain his facade;  he has deleted it from his comments where i posted it three times thinking something was wrong with my phone/internet functioning: 

You know, its kind of a shame that the beauty of the ideals and spiritual meanings expressed here in your essays actually appear to  be used for covering what is apparently a great personal insecurity.   The texts you so adimantly yield as weapons of truth, actually arose from a compassion for humanity. It seems strange that i would arouse such antagonism in you.  It seems contrary to the spirit of the texts you are so sure about.  In this way it is Unfortunate your blog thus can appears as a sham, since you are obviously only interested in your self righteous assertions, inconsiderate of any possibility that you may be incorrect.  Quite contrary to the spirit of the spiritual texts as well as philosophy.  I hope you find peace one day.  

That paragraph is also a hyper-link to perhaps some more uplifting expressions of spirit.  







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