Duality is a simulated reality on top of non-duality

This very long essay on supposed spiritual-existential truth is A perfect example of how consciousness operates to make meaning. A construction of base to justify the ‘extra’ meaning that cannot be reconciled precipitates a further encompassing or underlying structure that serves to justify the position that poses a problem of reconciliation. The extent of the perpetual ‘falling back’ for meaning eventually forms a ‘true’ meaning that is the irreconcilable again placed into meaningful context (of meaningful reconciliation).

In other words, there is no ‘non dual’ truth, but only in as much a one sees that which is ‘dual’ contains within it a meaning that requires some reconciliation. There is no requirement for duality to resolve in any particular meaning, no necessary link from duality to some ‘non-dual’ unity of any sort.  

 (Further Commentary later).

Alexius´ Enlightened Non-Teachings

The real world, that is one and non-dual, cannot be seen in the world of duality, which is to compared to be a simulated world layered on top on non-duality. While you seem to be in this simulation all that you experience is virtual. The light of the sun is just as artificial as the light from a bulb. And whether love is perceived to be pure or not, it is not real – neither is loss or abundance. Nothing in the world of duality is real, no matter if it is experienced to be inside or outside of you.

Eyes do not see. It is the brain, that fabricate the images, you seem to ´see´. In fact the brain can produce perfect images of what seems to be a realistic world out there, even when your eyes are closed. In other words, you are deceived by the brain – but only because you want…

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