Word bytes. and Zen fights. 

it is tempting to read essays and books about and of contemporary thought and how this thought is a move from that thought, this idea dismissing the past-ness of that idea,and see some sort of progress taking place, as we might be getting somewhere. But when you remove the implication of your death from the […]

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Mind Expansion

The problem with expanding your mind is once its been expanded it tends to become quite opinionated as to what expanding ones mind really means.   It begs the question of whether it is really as good a thing as one might have thought – that is, before it was expanded.  

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Where is reason?

Originally posted on Philosophy Alive:
The mind in nature sees something nature cannot – itself.  It introduces unique faculties into nature, such as intention, design and reason.  Reason is regarded as our ‘highest’ faculty – a fact seen as a part of nature and apart from nature.  We observe that the facts we illuminate and…

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Contrary to Hersserl and those phenomenal agents, intension is not centered in some thoughtful subject; it is centered in the object. This is the essence of the meaning of multiplicity. There is no origination of thought in a central, unitive subject agent of transcedence. There is only the fullness of imminent existence taking place in […]

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