exposing the route before us. 


(Oh; thats a link. Its really big though. Not sure why)

“Fantasy forms the core of her: sex is his defence-formation against the ‘threat’ of fantasy.”

Slavoj Zizek.

The real philosophical (conventional-methodological) effort is a libidinal expression, a distancing of objects from each other under the guise of union ( yoga; revolution) . The One Universe, and its supportive couterpart, theory.

The point of true philosophical effort is to expose the basis by which such theory is seen to tell of true things. 

Hence, the real methodologically produced theory applied to the manner of exposure yields nothing, that point of nil that is the conventional subject. 

And hence, the reason we notice divergence by the throwing away of the ladder. 

Soon, i will finish my small book, “Nonphilosophy and Aphilosophy”. I hope some of my readers will be interested. 

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