and experiment with the voice control dictation mode on the iPhone

See the following is raw voice dictation mode on the iphone keyboard:

we might see in the overwhelming possibility of discourse as it contains potential that it can only be real you can only be that within this potential if there is an extended discourse that cannot be comprehended by any one agent. And that a comprehension of this of this One thing is utterly merely an assertion of particular power. And so the best thing that we can have in reality given the potential is various various moments are various coagulation’s condensation cool cool cool call Leschen call last call laugh call Les of people that use particular discourses particular schemes of discourses though there may be no identifying what in particular scheme is as it is a wholeness in itself perhaps this could be or have been first identified with with Mark’s Karl Marx so far is he identifies the proletariat in the Bouge why as as a as an indicator of who has the power of course we would have to see that in light of you know marks Marxist Marxian discourse of of power but that any anyone of these schemes or moments of discourse in a negotiation so far is there maybe One that has a certain amount of dominance that it is that one that has the most effective ability to assert its power so far is from Marks standpoint the boudoir would be the identifier of this powerful discourse. still when we I dentist by that there may be this bougie power activated then Marxism becomes significant in that it identifies so far as the proletariat false consciousness that really all these are just discourses and assertions of power that really a proprietary overcoming is false conscious takes on a new dimension a new meaning more than just that there are discourses that are having power but indeed this thing that is come upon as reality as a & arena in which these discourse of power take place itself is an assumption upon that perception that perceiver that is appropriating use these discourses itself is just is just another marker of proletariat mentality.

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