It is just a game

I can appreciate this little ditty, but with some doubts.
I would say that reality is a game, what is real is all the nonsensical, stupid costumes and roles we find we have to play. That game is real. Look around; how is it not real? It takes a real force of will to decide that all this Stuff is not real. And, It is the denial of particular emotional states that compound their being a sourse of aggrivation; it is better said that they arouse assessments that are not <em>true</em>, but are exactly real.  I say whatever it is that views this ‘game’ is never encountered in reality, amongst the conversations and posturings, the suits and hoops. I say the assertion of some ambivalent and removed viewer is a real reaction to the nonsense that is really us. A move faithful to the real imperative.

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