Weirdness is all in the Mind

I tried to reblog a reblog I found in Synthetic Zero of “The Cracked Egg”. But I guess you can’t do that. Anyways, here is what was going to be my preface to it:

Is this (Blind Brain Theory) Evidence of the siginificance of the Significant Event ??

The discourse of the SE will speak to how the individual is a manifestation of denial repaired by faith, that this is the function of consciousness. And, that the purpose that the individual argues for Itself as well as society is a type of intrinsic mythology, such that history is the more proper place to set the human being, rather than in agency or intension. We would better speak in a vein of OO, or even Badiou-esque ramifications: intentionality is the force of objects, and not any impetus of some subject agent.

BBT might thus be the ‘initiality’ of an historical epochal cycle that ends in the individual coming upon its impotency as a particular mode of meaning: Dasien revealed as it is sublated in the real act, historically.

Of course, this never means any ending of humanity, as no discourse ever spells the ending of humans, though much as conventional theorists would like to think that discourse has that power. It simply means that everything we think is real is probably not true, but only real.

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