Günter Figal resigns as Heidegger Society Chair

It seems history cannot be dismissed from its irony. I appreciate Gunter’s integrity and admire his reason and principles.

I believe the significant issue of this historical issue should arise around Dasien — as Harman’s move seems historically complete and correspondent to the meaning of Dasien reflected only now upon the conventional public, should we not wonder how this is so ….? For doesn’t post-modernism take on a whole new sheen now? Was it only the star-blind fans who would not let their hope (faith) be dashed until the real evidence was shown? Did we not already know when we knew of Dasien?

Well, we should have. And the distance Harman marks with OO only shows that he knew but wouldn’t ever admit it ( even to himself??). But is not that the seed from where OO sprouts ? Is not this the significant issue?

Object-Oriented Philosophy

Over the offensive content of the Black Notebooks, HERE.

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