Homeland: A Little Bitty Introduction to the Post-Post Modern Modern Subject.

Here’s a tiny consideration, if just for the fun of it.

A little late to the party, I watched season one of the Showtime series “Homeland”. In very Zizekian fashion, this story can be a sign of our times.

This is just a quick and general comment and perhaps later I will expand to write a Zizekian type essay and describe the all the plot vectors and their relevancy. If one is curious for specifics, I guess for now they will have to watch “Homeland”.


The general plot line of the the story can be seen to outline the plight of the philosophical subject in the world of objects.

The issue still arises with the quite Hiedeggarian theme of the homeland. Quite ironic this show is called “Homeland”.

The main philosophical subject is CIA agent Carrie Mathison. She is characterized in the series as suffering from bi-polar disorder controlled by medication. She is able to interact constructively and effectively in the world so long as she takes her meds.

Her intuitions about the situation is correct, but seemingly random contingencies occur in the real blind spot to make her appear all the more crazy.

Sgt Nicolas Brody represents the real philosophical subject (Dasein), in a quite Badiou-ian vector. His plight is similar to Carrie’s and the plotline of the story concerns the interaction between these two subjects: The real religious inspired subject, and the intuitive ideological subject. Both are acting within reality determined along the unfolding lines of contingency.

The significant role of philosophy is to outline these two subjects. The first season of the show “Homeland” represents the real situation of the subject after the conventional subject (phenomenon) has played out historically.

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