One has to wonder what the point of this discussion may be. It is not at all an over generalization or stereotype to say that most people could not care less about philosophical-theoretical discussion unless ot has to do with their career. Most people work and play; that’s it.

I have to say that thats great. But I also have to say that they are willfully and blissfully ignorant and have thus little significance- or rather, their significance lay in their activity: which is exactly what our current philo- theoretical model says its all about.

So I too must act. And my action must be entirely consistent with my Being.
I must merely state my case: it is nothing less that the accounting for all the facts. A complete explanation of existance, reality, history and the basis of religion and spirituality.

Without unnecessary jargon, in (hopefully) simple language; anyone should be able to follow and understand the ideas with little study.

Of course, there will be those who see that such an endeavor must nessessarily be trite and uninformed, but i will account for such responses too. I will show how the traditional philosophical authors and their ideas all stem from the same problem and pretty much say the same thing. And I will show why they have been presented in certain ways as well as taken in certain ways. In short, I will invalidate the whole of what has been the establishment of institutional philosophy.

Sounds like a big order? Perhaps. But I will expect that most people will be incapable, even if they are interested, of accepting what I have to offer – and I will explain why this is so.


The Exhibition begins.


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