Direct tanget: Comment to Laruelle.

The project of non philosophy is not soluable; it is self contradictory.  This is to say that if one accords with Laruelle’s postulates the project already has foreclosed itself,  and that to proceed into the project contradicts the postulates: his conclusion toward the problem to be solved,  namely,  how does one bring about an apriori into the real world without reifying the posterior synthesis,  defies his postulates and ends up itself,  another philosophy. What he is really saying is there must bs a way to bring about some philosopher kings ala Plato.  Hence his effort,  or rather the efforts of those who supposedly understand him,  end begging the question that has been posed.  Indeed,  he proposes this problem is new,  yet we see what happened to Gnosticism.

His problem may be posed correctly, but the grounds of procession are mis-stated.

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