Entry into discourse, part 1

One so conventionally oriented might find an entry into the world as easy as their career. In this way what they have to say is readily prepared beforehand. How they speak, or write, the terms of rhetoric, the topics – all have been granted to the writer as a matter of course. What is new is defined as such for the purpose of granting the student or acolyte a space or platform from which to enter into the conversation that likewise has been prepared by the continuum of achievers,  who risked as much as the platform would have them in as it had already told them what is expected – and there by they could be unique in their expression,  for that is exactly what is expected of them. 

But what of the one who listened naught? What of the one who did exactly what was not expected,  who denied the conventional risk and opted out as a matter of course,  who saw the comfort of secure novelty and said ” I will not confirm the rhetoric of risk and secure myself in the conventional tradition”  ? How does this one proceed? 

Well,  as a matter of course, he goes his way,  and then capitulates.

Whoa! Say those grand masters of profound comedy, prose and thought. One should never give up their convictions!
One should stay true to one self and challenge the status quo.  But these,  too often enough,  are already invested, they have already made thier way in the way they were told: and they became novel in thier approach because of the platform they were given from
following the rules. 

It has been said that the talented imitate, that they see or hear something they like and they model it and then attempt to create their own work,  thier own masterpiece. The genious copies. So it is that the one who went their own way capitulates, for they cannot do
otherwise: there is only one game in town.






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